How to study effectively during study leave

Posted: November 30, 2011 in Moral Booster

* How many hours should you study per day ?

1. Out of the 24 hours available per day, sleep for 6 hours.

2. Out of the remaining 18 hours, spend 4 hours for life supporting  activities like, bathing, having food, prayer, yoga, Facebook , Computer- games , chatting with friends etc .

3. Out of the remaining 14 hours , study !!!!

* How to study ?

1.  First make a time table , and follow it every day.

2.  Take break at regular intervals. Study for 90 minutes at a stretch and then take 30 minutes break. During break get up from your chair, get out of your room and have some fresh air, do some stretching exercises, rotate your neck in all possible directions , massage your head, wash your face with cold water, massage your eyes,  drink a glass of water , have a light snack . After this u will feel fresh again to study continuously for another 90 minutes.

3.  Change subject after every break. Try to study as many subjects as possible every day. Don’t get bored by studying a single subject for the entire day. More over , studying many subjects every day , refreshes memory and u will not loose contact with the subjects. Otherwise, if u study for many days a single subject , by the time u finish the subject u will forget what ever u have studied before starting the current subject.


4.  Practice , Practice , Practice more questions everyday (Solutions to many many questions ).

5.  Revise , Revise , Revise !!!!

6.   Believe in your abilities . 🙂

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