Posted: January 4, 2012 in Advice For Gate Preparation

Dear Friends,
1. Locate the address of exam hall, well in advance to avoid any confusion on the exam day (12th Feb).

2. Do not read any thing after 10pm on 11th Feb, 2011 and try to have a sound sleep on that night.

3. You have to carry a scientific calculator in working condition, with which you are familiar and at least two HB pencils, two erasers, a ball point pen and a sharpener to the examination hall.

4. Do not read any thing one hour before the start of examination and have a peace of mind before entering into the exam hall.

5. Do not involve in an argument with any one just before the exam.

6. Make it convenient to reach the examination centre well in advance at least half an hour, so that you may enter into the examination hall with peace of mind.

7. Please meditate for few minutes before attempting the paper. This is possible only if you can enter the examination hall well in advance.

8. Read the instructions given on the first page of question paper and follow the instructions strictly.
9. Fill up the OMR sheet cautiously and check the hall ticket number and paper code twice or thrice.
10. Be cautious about linked questions and instructions pertaining to Assertion and Reason type questions: If you answer part – 1 of Linked question, then answer part – 2 also without any hesitation since there is no negative mark for part – 2 of linked question.
11. Suppose, you feel tension after seeing the question paper and you are in confused state or you are unable to recollect the subject, then immediately close the question paper, take a glass of water and take deep breath for few seconds and again restart answering.
12. In case you feel that the questions are very tough; don’t get discouraged. Other students may also be feeling the same. The GATE percentile / rank is based on relative performance only.
13. For numerical objectives write appropriate clear steps on the rough sheet so that if the answer obtained by you is not amongst the given multiple choices, then it is easy to cross check the calculations.
14. Be cautious about time. Don’t get bogged down at a particular question, which you are not clear. You have plenty of other questions to answer.
15. Leave the questions whichever you feel tough and answer the easy ones first, but round off the questions in question paper itself using pencil whichever question you are leaving and do not forget them later.
16. Most of the times NONE may not be the answer, so if the answer which you got is not there in the multiple choices, try to check once or twice the calculations because NONE will be generally given in choices for confusing you only.
17. It is advisable to carry a new writing pad (without any write-ups on it) since some of the examination centers may not have proper writing tables.

18. Don’t read any new concepts just 2 days before the examination, utilize these 2 days for revision of all subjects.


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