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    AIR – Gate Roll Number – Score – Name

  2. 2123545 1000  JOSHI MANDAR ARUN
  3. 6099094 1000  SUPROVAT GHOSHAL
  4. 3153079 997   SURABHI PUNJABI
  5. 3023223 997   VINIT KUMAR GUPTA
  6. 1181545 984  S V VIVEK
  7. 2125227 970 ANKIT GUPTA
  8. 1037603 970 ABHIMANYU SINGH
  9. 3147019 966 ANUP KUMAR SAH
  10. 5511275 961 SUMIT KUMAR
  11. 3111485 961 KOMAL BANSAL
  13. 8125085 952 AVANTIKA GUPTA
  14. 5053169 952 PRASHANT BHARDWAJ
  15. 3139085 952 DISHA MAKHIJA
  16. 2001437 952 NAMAN MISHRA
  17. 5223651 947 SHRUTI SHARMA
  19. 3165345 943 MANISH KHANDELWAL
  20. 1039137 943 AJITESH JAIN
  21. 1035672 943 GEORGY MATHEW
  22. 6117262 934 SUBHABRATA DEBNATH
  23. 3157047 934 SANDEEP GARG
  24. 2173285 934 AYUSH DUBEY
  25. 1047426 934 MALAY SANGHI
  26. 8067067 929 AMIT KUMAR
  27. 5455157 929 SHUBHAM SETHI
  28. 3133155 929 GAGANDEEP SINGH
  29. 1141675 929 DENZIL FRANCIS CRASTA
  30. 6179066 925 SANTOSH RAVI KIRAN P
  31. 5601089 925 ARPIT AGARWAL
  33. 3013201 916 DEEPAK AGGRAWAL
  34. 6107038 911 ARPITA BISWAS
  35. 2047103 911 PATIL SANTOSH KUMARRAO
  36. 8027186 906 AMANDEEP CHUGH
  37. 2121277 906 ABHIRUT GUPTA
  38. 1061177 906 RAHUL PAWAR
  39. 8189073 902 PRABHJOT SINGH
  41. 3157331 902 MUKUND LAHOTI
  42. 1033679 902 MANJUNATH G YAJI
  43. 8127221 897 ABHINAV AGARWAL
  44. 3043135 897 HIMANSHU SHARMA
  45. 3037481 897 GEETIKA
  46. 1199581 897 ABHISHEK GUPTA
  47. 2145273 893 MAHENDRA KEDA KAKLIJ
  48. 1041345 893 ASHISH KUMAR AGRAWAL
  49. 6115258 888 AADIRUPA SAHA
  50. 3211371 888 SHIVRAJ SINGH RATHORE
  51. 3163465 888 SUMIT KUMAR SAHU
  52. 3059269 888 MAYANK GUPTA
  53. 2135353 888 AJAY PANDURANG ADSUL

Hi all,
All of you who wants  to know about or M.S @ IIT Madras.  This is the post for you .

I think most of you are interested regarding M.Tech @ IIT Madras, Just fire your query , i will try to answer them.

By the way first list of M.Tech admission will be out soon… keep on checking site…
Detailed list wont be displayed, only students who have applied can check their status whether they are selected or not ( after the list is out ) here  .

Normally almost all students who apply for IITB,IITK, IISC ( i.e IITS who offer direct admission ) also apply for IITM, so in first list same names will be there & most of the students opt for IITB so GN cut of first list will be around rank 90( General category ).

Procedure for admission  is almost same as other IIT’s i.e you have to confirm admission till some stipulated date by sending DD of some amount. IITM will send mail regarding that once the list is out

I think first list will be out in 4 to 5 days most probably.

IITM is better for Artificial intelligence, Computer networks & Computer architecture.

Some of you might be thinking that is there any specialization in CSE M.Tech @ IITM. Let me clarify there is no specialization… here M.Tech will be in Computer science.

Seats are 69 in total , 54 for gate candidates… 15 seats are for sponsored candidates…

That medical certificate will act as your medical record. IITM provides medical facilities for free here while your stay  of 2 years, for this they need this certificate. After your admission they will keep this certificate with them.

For spot admission those candidates who received such mail have to re register here :   & have to send dully filled registration form ( hard copy ) till the stipulated date.

Now after this IITM will make new offers ( in case vacancies ) to these students  only around 2nd or 3rd weak of July.By this I think they only want to find students who are actually interested in next offer.

Again they will offer admission according to gate score only ( that again to students who have sent re registration form successfully ).
I am not sure on one point whether this next offer will be a personal counseling round or just like previous offers.

  • This is for the guys & girls who will be joining or have joined IITM CSE for M.Tech :

Please revise your data structure & algorithm very well. Because in first semester you will be having Advanced data structure & algorithm as a  compulsory subject including practical. These practical assignments will  be mostly on trees & graphs & that you have to do in C or C++ .  So it will be better if you brush up your linked list, tree & graph programming
at least. You have almost one month still.This will give you an  advantage in first semester.

In M.Tech you have to complete 10 subjects here. From this 4 subjects are core( i.e compulsory ) & for other six, you have so many options.  Now in first semester you have to take 4 compulsory subjects ( those are Math, Algorithm, Soft. engg, algorithm lab ). with this you can take 5th subject if you wish so. Normally students complete there 10 subjects as 4-4-2 ( i.e in three semester)  or as 5-4-1 or 5-5 ( rarely ).
For algorithms you should refer Introduction to Algorithms by Cormen .

In most of the subjects there will be  B.Tech students you have to share your classes . There are so many subjects like ADSA, NLP etc…

For Hostel allotment currently there are two candidates per room. This condition will be there for 2 months ( which was the case with us last year)

Thanks, i think it will help.

Courtesy: Mr. Pankaj Kolhe  ( M.Tech  student @ IIT Madras) .

One year ago when i was searching for some news about IIT-KGP MS interview , i did not find  one in Internet . So what i decided to mail directly  Research Scholars  to know about it. I got their mail-id from CS department  site and mail few people. After few days i got a reply from only one kind person Mr.S . And in this post i want to describe the complete information about IIT-KGP MS/PhD interview process .

I have seen many people talking about it that to get MS in KGP you need a good Relation with KGP Professors, but believe me this is completely wrong What you have to do is to give a Test and Interview based on their requirements in projects  ,which generally posted here 

Here is the complete discussions:

Dear X,(me)

Good to hear of your interest in pursuing a higher degree. Which university did you pass out from and in which year?

Here are the rules for joining an MS/PhD program at IIT KGP:

1) MS – For joining MS, you have to first join as a project fellow/staff after clearing a written exam and interview. Once you are through, you will be eligible to appear for an MS interview. Once you clear the second test, you are eligible to enroll as an MS student. In case you fail to clear the second test, it will mean that you will continue to work as a project staff. However, you can retake the second test again next semester and so on. GATE scores are not mandatory for MS, however, having a good GATE score will obviously further your chances.

2) PhD – Students can enroll for the PhD program either as a project fellow or as an institute fellow. Institute fellows are admitted twice a year and the notices are published on the institute website. The rules for enrolling as a project fellow is similar to MS. I am not sure about the GATE requirements for PhD.

1.Q.  For joining as a project fellow/staff i have to sit for written test and interview. Now my question is what kind of preparation need to clear the test? what is test pattern and type of questions they ask in test?

Ans: The syllabus is attached along with this mail. It is very basic and not too tough. However, you cannot be sure and should try and revise as much as possible. Usually, questions from networking, database and compilers are not asked frequently. This will also depend on the type of project that you are applying for.

2.Q.  What kind of questions they can ask in interview ? It is research related programme so i have to choose my area of interest and my research guide in this interview.I have heard it ,is it true? can you please share your interview experience with me ?

Ans: No, the questions are from basic and theoretical CS. For MS, you are not usually allowed to choose a guide like in PhD. The project guide is usually your MS research guide as well.

3.Q. The most important question is  what are the area of research they can provide me ? as i have interest in DBMS, Automata  , Algorithm and Data Structure ,so can i choose my area of research as my own or they can provide it by them ?

Ans: Research work is usually not confined to any particular field, therefore, rigidly sticking to any subject is not always possible. For this you can talk to your prospective guide. The area of research will obviously depend on the project that you will be working on.

4. Q. My B.Tech % is 70.07 and i don’t publish any paper yet . Is it ok to get a call from them ?

Ans: You have to check the project requirements. Sometimes, the cutoff is set at 75 or 80 also. Sometimes, it is also 60.

5. Q. Please guide me how i can apply for project fellow ? in which month IITKGP organize it’s written test for project fellow?

Ans: Admission as a project fellow is all round the year, depending on the inflow of projects. You can keep an eye on the following link:

6. Q. Is there any stipend/fellowship they provide for this programme?

Ans: It is there, and the amount will be advertised before hand. The amount depends on the budget and the guide.

 <NEW >    MS Rules for KGP —->  RulesAandRegulationsForMS

Here is the syllabus for the Test :