IIT-Madras MTech Information

Posted: March 29, 2012 in Advice For Gate Preparation

Hi all,
All of you who wants  to know about M.tech or M.S @ IIT Madras.  This is the post for you .

I think most of you are interested regarding M.Tech @ IIT Madras, Just fire your query , i will try to answer them.

By the way first list of M.Tech admission will be out soon… keep on checking site…
Detailed list wont be displayed, only students who have applied can check their status whether they are selected or not ( after the list is out ) here  http://mtechadm.iitm.ac.in/appstatus.php  .

Normally almost all students who apply for IITB,IITK, IISC ( i.e IITS who offer direct admission ) also apply for IITM, so in first list same names will be there & most of the students opt for IITB so GN cut of first list will be around rank 90( General category ).

Procedure for admission  is almost same as other IIT’s i.e you have to confirm admission till some stipulated date by sending DD of some amount. IITM will send mail regarding that once the list is out

I think first list will be out in 4 to 5 days most probably.

IITM is better for Artificial intelligence, Computer networks & Computer architecture.

Some of you might be thinking that is there any specialization in CSE M.Tech @ IITM. Let me clarify there is no specialization… here M.Tech will be in Computer science.

Seats are 69 in total , 54 for gate candidates… 15 seats are for sponsored candidates…

That medical certificate will act as your medical record. IITM provides medical facilities for free here while your stay  of 2 years, for this they need this certificate. After your admission they will keep this certificate with them.

For spot admission those candidates who received such mail have to re register here : http://mtechadm.iitm.ac.in/appstatus.php   & have to send dully filled registration form ( hard copy ) till the stipulated date.

Now after this IITM will make new offers ( in case vacancies ) to these students  only around 2nd or 3rd weak of July.By this I think they only want to find students who are actually interested in next offer.

Again they will offer admission according to gate score only ( that again to students who have sent re registration form successfully ).
I am not sure on one point whether this next offer will be a personal counseling round or just like previous offers.

  • This is for the guys & girls who will be joining or have joined IITM CSE for M.Tech :

Please revise your data structure & algorithm very well. Because in first semester you will be having Advanced data structure & algorithm as a  compulsory subject including practical. These practical assignments will  be mostly on trees & graphs & that you have to do in C or C++ .  So it will be better if you brush up your linked list, tree & graph programming
at least. You have almost one month still.This will give you an  advantage in first semester.

In M.Tech you have to complete 10 subjects here. From this 4 subjects are core( i.e compulsory ) & for other six, you have so many options.  Now in first semester you have to take 4 compulsory subjects ( those are Math, Algorithm, Soft. engg, algorithm lab ). with this you can take 5th subject if you wish so. Normally students complete there 10 subjects as 4-4-2 ( i.e in three semester)  or as 5-4-1 or 5-5 ( rarely ).
For algorithms you should refer Introduction to Algorithms by Cormen .

In most of the subjects there will be  B.Tech students you have to share your classes . There are so many subjects like ADSA, NLP etc…

For Hostel allotment currently there are two candidates per room. This condition will be there for 2 months ( which was the case with us last year)

Thanks, i think it will help.

Courtesy: Mr. Pankaj Kolhe  ( M.Tech  student @ IIT Madras) .

  1. ulkesh says:

    when will the 2nd list will appear?????

  2. Mantosh says:

    I have rank: 1207(CSE), cate: OBC, gate score: 637.. Do I have chance of getting into IITM.
    And although I have already applied to IITM and they have received my application but they are asking me to post New OBC-NC certificate that I might get on 3rd April. before 5th May it will be delivered to institute. Is it fine. Or I have friends there, They can directly hand over that to the institute. What should I do? Please Help.

  3. Mantosh says:

    Sorry for posting again… I can give that new OBC-Certificate to them before 5 April. What should I do. Speed post them or hand over the certificate to them personally. Will they accept that personally? Thanks in advance

  4. Tushar says:

    I m planning to give GATE’13. But I don’t have 1st class in BE. I heard some IIT’s ( IIT k , M, kgp and IISc Banglore) doesn’t require 1st class. Is it true ?
    Will I be able to grab any job though I don’t have good academic record ( no 1st class in BE ) ?

    • ADMIN says:

      For IIsc,IITk,kgp,M u need 1st class in BE . u can try for job,it’s ur hand.

      • Tushar says:

        IIsc clearly mention atleast 2nd class. And all remaining 3 IIt’s doesn’t not mention anything regarding class. So I was just confirming through u. And abt job…. I was asking If I m in IIt then, will I be able to get a job though I don’t have good academic record ?

      • ADMIN says:

        if u are in IIT u will sit for placements so no problem 🙂 .
        can u give the link where IISc mention it ?
        In case of IIT Kgp i found it from here http://gate.iitkgp.ac.in/mtech/
        check eligibility section.

  5. Tushar says:

    for IIt K : http://www.iitk.ac.in/doaa/admissions.html

    for IIT M : http://www.iitm.ac.in/downloads/opening/MTech2012AdvtRegularEnglishmarch132012.pdf



    IISc admission has closed , so can’t give link.

    And abt IIT Kgp… M-Tech/MCP joint program with Phd is same as only M-Tech ?

    I was thinking it is different ,( bcoz I think uptil last year there was separate M-Tech (2 years) course. so didn’t read whole article. And by past experience assumed , there is no requirement of 1st class. But I think it is same.

    It is really shocking for me.Chances r really becoming less. Bcoz may be next year also they will continue with this format. But surprised , this year IIT K didn’t mention 1st class. Hope next year will be same.

    Plz, correct my knowledge wherever I m wrong bcoz on this criteria my next attempt , depends.

  6. James says:


    My rank is AIR 242 General Category, what are my chances for MTECH in cse in IITM, do they offer direct admission or need to clear interview?


  7. Nikita says:

    my AIR 215
    gate score 797
    general category
    i have 75+ % in 10th , 12th and BE….
    wt r my chances for mtech in cse frm iits?
    frm which iit can i get direct admission cal?

  8. Abbey says:

    No one can reject from the quality of this video posted at this site, pleasant job, keep it all the time.

  9. manasa says:

    i got 910 rank plz say whether I can get any iit?

  10. Aditya says:

    Hi! This post could not be written any better! Reading this post reminds me of my good old room mate! He always kept talking about this. I will forward this page to him. Fairly certain he will have a good read. Many thanks for sharing!

  11. Alisha Eades says:

    Thanks, I have recently been searching for details about this subject for ages and yours is the best I’ve discovered so far.

  12. Abishek says:

    Can you please post the cut off for PD candidates for MTech CSE in IITM (and also for other IIT’s if you can). Is there a suitability test for all PD candidates who apply to IITM Mtech CSE?

    • ADMIN says:

      u have to confirm it by going through the Academic Section of IITM,call them.

      • Abishek says:

        Thanks I’ll do that,
        I had got a mail from IITM when they received by application stating that since I have applied as a PD candidate I ‘might’ have an suitability test and medical examination ‘if required’. But I did not receive any other notifications there after, need to know did any other PD candidate got call for any such suitability test.

      • ADMIN says:

        call them, ask this question directly,say them what to do next. Academic Section is the best place to guide you.

  13. Abishek says:

    Thanks Admin 🙂

  14. zia ur rehman says:

    hi, i got AIR 686 in CSE. i belong to OBC-NC MInority catagory.
    what r my chances in IIT-R nd IIT-H..?? plz reply..

  15. zia ur rehman says:

    lucky day 4 me…just received direct admission offer from iit bombay 🙂

  16. zia ur rehman says:

    nd i’ll definitely share this blog.

  17. kanimozhi says:

    I have rank: 45983(CSE), cate: sc, gate score: 221.. Do I have chance of getting into IITM.
    when will be the candidates who are not required to take suitability test in iitm will be finalized, how we know where seats are filled

  18. kanimozhi says:

    I have rank: 45983(CSE), cate: sc, gate score: 221.. Do I have chance of getting into IITM

  19. kanimozhi says:

    thanks…, what are the procedure to join M.Tech in cs department..

  20. Santhosh says:

    Im a GEN student with AIR 226 and score 648
    What are my chances in IIT Madras ??
    Is there are chances, in which list can i expect ? Like first,second or third??

    • ADMIN says:

      For IITM no chances in 1st,2nd list, not sure about 3rd list as it depends on # of candidates apply there. May try spot admission,contact department for this. You can get other IIT interview calls.

  21. Tobio says:

    Hi Admin,

    Considering Iam a PD candidate and I belong to SC category, Some colleges have only single column to mention the category i.e both SC and PD are in the same quota column. So should I select SC or PD ? selecting which shall give me better chance at the Admissions ?

    Thanks in advance

  22. Santhosh says:


    i am short listed for interview in IITB and IIT-KGP.
    Suggestions please ??

    Thanks in advance

    • ADMIN says:

      In case of IIT-KGP they may ask u more about Discrete mathematics+logic+Data Structure based questions, also clear basic programming and digital design components.
      In IIT-B they ask basic question from ur area of Interest also check DMGT(discrete maths).This is my assumption, but may vary time to time.

  23. Santhosh says:

    IIT madras have announced the first offer list.
    How many days wil they tak to put up the second offer ??
    Last date to accept/reject the first offer is 14th . .

  24. natasha says:

    i belong to obc(non creamy) minority .. (ece dept)rank 11,492 my score is 392 ..whether i have chance to get admission at iit madras? please tell me sir

  25. Swarnali says:

    This year gate cut off for IIT Delhi is 765 and my gate score is 766..since admission is on the basis of 70% gate score and 30% interview marks..how much chances do i have to get into IITD?

    • ADMIN says:

      u will get a interview call if apply prepare about it , i have posted here what to study for IIT D interview , check it .

    • Tobio says:

      Can you post the cut off for all categories for CS in IITD or share that link.


      • ADMIN says:

        GEN : GATE score >= 765, AND Qualifying CGPA >= 6.75 OR Percentage >= 60%
        OBC : GATE score >= 690, AND Qualifying CGPA >= 6.75 OR Percentage >= 60%
        SC/ST/PH : GATE Score >= 525 AND Qualifying CGPA >= 6.25 OR Percentage >= 55%

        Note: Students with CGPA >= 8.5 or Percentage >= 75% are eligible for direct
        admission in the M.Tech. programme if they have a minimum GATE score of 847.

        Note: We will consider GATE in CS/IT only. If the student has a BTech/BE/MCA
        from IIT, then GATE criteria will been waived, and
        GEN, OBC, SC/ST, PH: Qualifying CGPA >= 8.0 or Percentage >= 73%

        Part-time :
        GEN : Qualifying CGPA >= 7.7 or Percentage >= 72%
        OBC : Qualifying CGPA >= 7.5 or Percentage >= 70%
        SC/ST/PH : Qualifying CGPA >= 7.0 or Percentage >= 65%

      • Tobio says:

        Thank you Admin 🙂

  26. Tushar says:

    Hi sir,
    One of my friend is doing MS in some university of USA. He is saying he has only 2 days of college , No assignments writing ( which we had done all the time in BE ) , have project work , no huge theory to memorize …..in short no BE life. Is it same in IIT M or same as BE life i.e. Mon-Fri (9-5pm) loads of assignments writing , theoretical question in exam etc…..

    • ADMIN says:

      let me know in which college he is studying ? and u r answer is no not same as BE.No theoretical questions but based on practical qs and assignments .

    • Tobio says:

      If the purpose of a Master Degree is to just get a Degree, It is not worth spending two/three years on that. It is all about pushing your self to the next level, getting through all hurdles and coming out successful. Now thats the achievement. If you go to college, do nothing and get a degree at end it just means you are just at the same place where you started .

      • ADMIN says:

        really appreciate

      • Tushar says:


        Sorry dude but I think u misunderstood me. I m not against of Hard work. In BE I was just by hearting the theory but never got why I m studying and what is the use of it.

        e.g. In BE I had by hearted abt TCP and UDP that they have a difference like one is Unreliable and other is reliable. Unit test, viva, semester exam all the time I memorized it but never get what is the meaning of it exactly.
        But after BE , I learnt JAVA and did some programming in Socket. That time I got what reliable and unreliable means, how it works ? How packets r sent etc…
        In whole BE , I was writing loads of assignments ( copy-paste ) useless practicals, submissions, mugging up theory day and night. But Never get motivated to understand “Why” ? May be it is fault of my college standard.
        That’s why all the time , whoever I met I ask environment of IIT. Is it same as my BE life ? I m weak in mugging up theory and writing 4-5 pages theory question in exam.( that’s why never get 1st class ) If the same is to be happened in IIT also, then I will have to forget IIT or will have to overcome my weakness.
        Donkeys also work hard and does their job sincerely but does anybody appreciate them ?

  27. Tobio says:

    @ Tushar

    I think I did . sorry for that. Anyways what I said holds up true.

    IIT’s were created for research oriented education, so you need not worry about that.
    There are many projects available out there which you can take advantage of for practical knowledge.
    High level of exposure is guaranteed at IIT’s because of the college lifestyle and the diversity of students studying there. If you are really interested only in Research, then you should aim for IISC.

    At last, be it any place it is unto you to how you make use of the available resource for your advantage and for others (because IIT’s were basically created to produce high quality engineers for India !! ). All the best.

    • ADMIN says:

      Tushar , first of all what i know is in US universities the work pressure is more than here so i don’t believe what u r friend said you .
      Second thing is i support you what ever u said bcoz i know they are 100% true , poeple teaching there bcoz they don’t get any JOB anywhere else and they don’t know what they are doing……

      • ADMIN says:

        these univ are there only to fool people and make their money and nothing else even if u visit few NITs except (5 to 6 ) u will get same picture really worthless people are there for teaching and the environment for study is also bad. But thing is different in IITs here all faculty are well educated, good labs, library,good environment everything is good and yes GOOD CURRICULUM what is missing in those universities. So u don’t have to worry about it and yes an IIT can change your life ,it is true.
        I feel u r really interested in study ,i do suggest u a book http://i.stanford.edu/~ullman/focs.html

        read it completely if not atleast 1st chapter , u will know WHAT IS COMPUTER SCIENCE ALL ABOUT .

  28. ADMIN says:

    PS: Best of LUCK from my heart , i made this blog for people like you who can excel every hurdle in their life ,to make something bigger in life , if it helps i will happy 🙂

    • Tushar says:


      Sorry for late reply as I was out of town for few days.

      Thanks for giving the link. I will try my best to read whole book.

      I want some guidance also, that I will ask u soon.

      And abt area of interest ( hmmm…..don’t laugh but truly I also don’t know 😛 ) may be…. Networking. I will use link provided by u.

      Really thanks for the link(s) 🙂

  29. ADMIN says:

    Tushar u can do one thing what is your area of interest ?
    first check all IIT site ,visit prof web page , open http://academic.research.microsoft.com/
    and put their name in box u will get all info regarding his research , match it with u r area and try to join there . also check student web pages and their resume to know what kind of project they did , this will give u an idea.

  30. Tobio says:


    Please post the 2012 Cut off for the following IIT’s Madras, Kanpur, Kharagpur, Roorkie and Hyderabad.

  31. Tobio says:

    Hi Admin,

    Yes I looked at that, I think you shared that earlier. In case you come across 2012 cut offs for these colleges, it would be very useful to us. Thanks in advance.

  32. Tobio says:


    When will be the IITM MTech Admission list for Other Categories and IIT Btech students would be released ?

  33. Tobio says:

    Yes Admin, The rolling news seemed to have stopped today that why asked you.

  34. neha says:

    the site for iitm is so confusing….i m not getting the date for the release of second list. can u tell me…whether spot admission will be held after the release of second list or what????
    and can i get a detailed list of the students selected in the 1st list anywhere???
    pleezz…help me..m posting 4 d first tym 😦

    • ADMIN says:

      spot admission held after second list if any sit is vacant then only. I suggest call them or mail them ,sorry i can not help you with detail list .Ask them about it.

  35. neha says:

    they arent recieving calls either…at the department….i need to know. i have gen rank 176..metallurgy engineering….will i get a chance in 2nd/3rd list????

  36. Santhosh says:

    Please explain the process of SPOT ADMISSION in IIT Madras
    When wil it happen?
    Can i accept an offer in other IIT or NIT and stil try for spot admission ??

    Thank u in advance

    • ADMIN says:

      plz check the FAQ section of Admission website, they told there about spot admission. what is your rank ?

      • Santhosh says:

        226th rank . . Getting a direct admission is tough . . So waiting for Spot admission.

      • ADMIN says:

        did u apply for other IITs ? they call u for interview… in IITM after second list if seats are vacant then there is spot admission and u need luck here .. so why depends on luck ? i think u have lots of chances to explore.

    • Tobio says:

      @Santosh, what is your GATE score ?

  37. smile says:

    If there are around 6-7 people leaving iitm in 2 nd list and on the next rank if there are around 10 students , will they give admission to all or none for the vacant 6-7 seats?

  38. smile says:

    its mentioned in the brochure that there are 54 seats for mtech ppl…(including both general and category).. but the first list of iitm contained 82 students. ny idea how is this possible?

  39. Pankaj says:

    rank 412, OBC-NC . Is there any chance after third list?

  40. Sanjay says:

    i am preparing for GATE 2013 and i am doing my MCA(cgpa 9.6 till now) but i have not got a 1st class career(10th-75%, 2-51%,bca-79%) so can i get a seat in iits(any) if i do well in the gate exam or they will reject me.Another thing is can i seat in campus tests in iits with such academic record or not.
    please help me i am very much interested to do m.tech.
    thanks in advance.

  41. harini says:

    my gate score is 184 n i belongs to 0bc category.any chances 4 getting m.tech in iitm?tel me the date 4 gate counselling?

  42. vivek says:

    sir my gate score is 287 in ee of sc cat.i apply ee programs and material science.iim offer for me for 5 list and spot admission.sir tell me how many chances of admission…………………..plz


    This is priya. I’ve re-registered in IITM for spot admission. I’m applying for M.tech in biomedical engineering. My gate score is 330 and AIR is 2321. Is there chances for me to get into IITM? I’m in confusion because within july13 I’ve to pay my fee to a deemed university otherwise. So please reply me soon and how I can know how many seats are vacant in IITM after 3rd round of allotment?

  44. harini says:

    hi,my gate score is 184.bt i know there is no chance in iitm.can i try next year gate2013.plzz guide me.tel me the procedure 4 spot admission n wat r d syllabus 4 gate2013.im much eager to study in iitm.tel me the score 4 iitm n d vacent seats.

    • ADMIN says:

      This year you have no chance, start from the basics , you can found Gate syllabus from IITM Gate website and you found previous year papers. Read standard books, check this blog here you will find few toppers give guidance about their Gate preparation, if possible follow it,

  45. ulkesh says:

    IIT M 5th list is declared..cut off is AIR 149.i want to know abt spot admission of IIT M?? and also on my rank there are 10 people..if only 1 sit is vaccant in such case what will they do??

    • ADMIN says:

      What IIT-M do that depends on respective department(in this case it’s CS department) , please contact the department admission office ,in case of spot admission you have to present and if sit is vacant you will get a chance. Better to keep in touch Admission office,call them.

  46. ulkesh says:

    MY AIR 150

  47. Dip says:

    How much cut off rank need for gate ec to do mtech in iitm?n i have 60% but my university gives 1st class at 65%.so will i be eligible to take admsn in iit if i get good gate rank?

  48. Dipankar says:

    Hello sir!How much cut off rank need for gate ec to do mtech in iitm?n i have 60% but my university gives 1st class at 65%.so will i be eligible to take admsn in iit if i get good gate rank?

    • ADMIN says:

      yes you are eligible, in case of IIT-M to join M Tech programme there is no cut off for B tech %,you need good ranks only,based on last year scenario.

  49. dipankar says:

    can u tell me last year’s ec cut off rank in iitm?

  50. Manhar says:

    Dear Sir,
    with pleasure to feel talk with you.i am Mechanical engineering student(OBC-NC) with 6.7 spi(6th sem),7.2 cgpa.how much gate score require to get admission in metallurgy and material science(any IIT).

  51. Manhar says:

    if i get gate in 2014.then the gape between 2year for industrial experience. this reflect to in admission.what about the procedure.

  52. sandeep says:

    sir i my gate air rank -3503 can i get any call frm any iit..nd my cat-sc

  53. dip says:

    i don have 60% so can i enter at iit madras if i get enough rank???

  54. Ashutosh says:

    Sir,can u please tell me that,what is the minimum 12th class and btech percentage required,for doing mtech in iits ? Presently i m doing btech in EE.

    • ADMIN says:

      Sorry no idea for EE, check departmental websites.Mail students.
      For CS 12 th class has no cut off,b tech % require for KGp,IIT-G 60%,IIT-M 0%,IIT-B 60%,IISC 2 nd class etc..

  55. dip says:

    is there any chance of changing the patern of gate 2014??

  56. tony says:

    is 60 in btech a must for mtech in iit madras

  57. dip says:

    hey admin u know anything about the gate-2014 pattern….i heard something like prelims n mains….prelim paper consists of general studies

  58. satish says:

    Hi ADMIN,
    I’m in final year of eng. M planning for GATE 2014. Bt i hav some doubts.

    1. I gt 64% in 10th, 43% in 12th, as i ws nt eligible for engg. i took admsn to diploma(cs) thn in scord 72%. Thn i gt admsn in degree dirct 2nd yr. Nw till 6th sem my agg. is 67%.
    So m i eligible for mtech frm IIT?

    2. I faced lots of problms in my collge placement drv of infy n lnt infotch as my 12th % were low. In IIT, if my CGPA is good thn also i have to face this poor past acadmcs problm?
    Bt i heard tht in IIT all companies considrs only mtech grades. Is ths true?

    Wht shuld i do? Plz guide me.
    I cn do well in GATE.

    • ADMIN says:

      Hello Satish, for placements what matters is your M tech grades in 2 years in different courses . So what you heard is true, but some company may ask you about 12 th grade ,and for gate study standard books only, read that”Gate Manual” post in this blog to get an idea.

  59. Aditya Gupta says:

    I am getting 53 marks in 2013 gate paper what are my chances for the MTECH in IITS this year as no of applicants have increased and paeper was not so tough rather it was easy

  60. Aditya Gupta says:

    fordot to mention EC Branch

  61. Mayur Kale says:

    Hi Sir,
    I have Marks:49.33 AIR:339 Score:702/767 Category:OBC
    Are there any chances of direct admission in IITM?


  62. Ulkesh says:

    @Admin:what is least package for Mtech CSE in IIT M??
    Thank You

  63. snigdha says:

    AIR 1800,score 557/590,percentile 99.2..belongs to sc category..wat is chance in iitm?

  64. Ashin says:

    sir, my AIR IS 341 IN CHEMICAL engg. Gen catagory. Is there any chance to get admission in IIT M???

  65. jas says:

    sir, i have a gate 2013 score 290 for biotech… will i get in iitm?
    and what was score and rank for the last admission in BT last year?

  66. snigdha says:

    hello..my gate 2013 AIR 1800,score 557 cat-SC,.wat are my chances in iitm?

  67. Sikandar says:

    hi my Gat 2013 details are
    AIR 188
    score 749
    category General
    where can i get direct admission
    i have applied for IITK,IITM,IITD,IITR,IITKGP,IITG.
    plz reply

  68. Sikandar says:

    hello admin
    what are my chances for IITD through interview .

  69. ramesh says:

    hai ,i got an offer from iitm but problem with me is, i dont have original 10th & 12th marksheet despite i have all original UG semester marksheet and original degree certificate,also i insisted the board of examination for the duplicate certificate(generally it take one year for tamilnadu board)they gave me a temporary handwritten and board attested copy(namely ccm ,most of the central and tamilnadu government job seekers getting job by showing this ccm if they lost),now the question is will it enough to enter with this documet only

  70. ayodhi says:

    i got 547 AIR and 654 Score in EE OBC category what are my chances in iitm(mtech)

  71. mahesh b says:

    I got AIR 595,score 660.can i expect cse in iit m or Is their are any chances for IIT kgp 4th list?

  72. dip says:

    i didnt score enough to get seat at iit.next time i will try again.can u tell me the eligibility for ms at iitm for ee department

  73. Ganz says:

    Hi, Any chances for OE1 or OE2 (Ocean Engg) for my GATE score 500 ? (Gen Category)

  74. shankaran says:


    I’m a mech engg., graduate working in IT for five years. I’ve just tired of the services and To get into the ‘core’ CS organizations such as Google,EMC , I guess a PG in CS will help. Though I’m eligible for doing MTech in CS , just want to know had anyone did this before?(people from non electrical background did MTech in CS)

    Thanks in advance for the reply 🙂

  75. Nandini says:

    Wat is the be aggregate required to get foreign placements in iitm(cse)??

  76. Nandini says:

    What is the minimum gate score n ranking required for iitm cse???

  77. nandini says:

    wat is the ranking required for iisc cse (obc)?
    is it possible to change college after 1st year between iits and iisc?

  78. Antariksh Dicholkar says:

    Hi. I want to apply to the applied mechanics and mechanical department in IIT madras for MS program. The problem is that I have not given GATE but have given GRE with a score of 311. On some iitm department websites like ee and aero they say they consider GRE scores, but nothing is said in relation to the qualifying exam on mech and applied mechanics website. In the brochure it is said that I can apply if i have given GATE or equivalent exam.
    So can I apply with the GRE score? Also is the score enough or should I get a higher score?

  79. nandini says:

    wat is the gate marks out of 100 to get into iitm cse (obc category)?

  80. nandini says:

    wat is the min ranking required for iisc?

  81. usha says:

    tell me some other competitive exams after be cse…..

  82. AMIT KUMAR says:

    plz tell me list of iits conducting interview+ test & iits offering direct addmission

  83. usha says:

    Between nits and iiits(indian institutes of information technology) which is better?

  84. Pradeep says:

    Hi. I appreciate your blog. It is quite helpful.

    I need your reply on on my following doubts:
    I got AIR 1574 in GATE-14 my GATE score is 617. I belongs to OBC(NC).
    Any chance for me in IIT for M.Tech or MS?

    Which is better New IIT’s or old NIT’s a/c to you?

  85. Thampi says:

    Rank 684, GATE score 705 in CSE. OBC_NC category. Any chance in IITM?
    Applied in IITB(TA) & RA, IITD, IITK also. What is chance in these IITs?

  86. Arnesh says:

    My 2013 AIR is 153 and gatescore is 844 and I am from General category. In 2014, my gatescore is equivalent to AIR 141. What are my chances in IITM M.Tech and can you tell me the closing ranks of the last few years too? Thanks.

  87. nikhil says:

    m studng in NIt warangal mtech 1st year cse…and i thnk i’ll get IITM this time..should i leave NITW and join IITM??? pls rly wit pros and cons…thank u…

  88. Greeshma says:

    My gate rank for 2014 is 139 and gate score is 847.What are my chance for admission in IIT Madras Mtech??

  89. sumeet garg says:

    Hi, i got AIR 155 in cs gate 2014 general category. In which iits i can get direct admission
    10th:85%, 12th:84%, b.tech: 67% .

  90. sameer says:

    Hi, my Air is 662, and score 708… is ther chance in IITM mtech ?? and can i get interview call from IITkgp and IITB RA.. ? If i get both where should i prefer as both have same dates for interview

  91. jag narayan tomar says:

    sir in iith,iitr,iitg which one is better

  92. jag narayan tomar says:

    and i got air-696 and score-702 cat-OBC(NCL) there any chance in iitm for m,tech?
    and which iit i get?

  93. azmi says:

    my AIR in GATE 14 is 143 (general category)…is there any chance in iitm. if yes,then by which round will i get the offer? thank you!!

  94. Pavan Kumar says:

    for 352 rank, score 767, category obc….what are chances in iitm direct admission?

  95. santhosh says:

    sir , i got AIR 321 in GATE 2014. i am an EC student .OBC candidate.Can i get IIT madras admission ( vlsi or communications).

  96. yaman2511 says:

    I am preparing for Gate 2015 ..I am electrical student ..My question is which IIT is good for mtech in Electrical and placements with core companies ??last year i got 2500 Rank i dint get IIt ..so preparing again with job..

    • ADMIN says:

      Hi Yaman ,
      Sorry for late reply.. basically i have limited knowledge about electrical , though IIT M , IIT B, IIT D and IIT KGP is very good at it and IIT B and IIT D, IIT KGP placements are better with core companies…. check their student list with electrical department and mail them all, few people will surely respond ! Best of Luck .

  97. sriram says:

    Sir, Can you tell me the gate cutoff for Electrical Engineering MS admisssion in IITM?Further, do they give direct admission to phd through gate score? If so, what is the cutoff sir? I belong to general category. Kindly guide me sir.

    • ADMIN says:

      Hi Sri , Sorry for late reply …. actually i have no idea about electrical branch , please mail as many student as you can in IITM electrical department. They will help you surely.

  98. mamta says:

    Major differance b/w M.Tech $ MS from IITM

  99. kamya says:

    hi i have a rank of 135 in gate 2015.what are my chances of getting a direct admission in iitm ?and upto what list should i wait?

  100. RAHUL R says:

    Sir my gate rank is 255, score 785 .. can i expect direct admission from any IITs for mtech. ? if so which ones ?? Btech 77%

  101. My gate rank is 130 and gen category. I live in delhi . What should be my order/preferences of selecting IIT’s (if i get admission in IIT delhi and kanpur also) among IITK , IITM, IITKGP,IITD ???

  102. ashu says:

    I got offer from both kgp and madras which one is better…..

  103. Ria says:

    I’ve a query please do answer. Suppose a student has a good MTech score and he does really good in the course academics as well..but the problem is he has got less than 60% in 12 the board. So during placements at IITs of MTech students…will the companies completely reject him no matter how good he performs..in MTech? Please reply

  104. Ria says:

    I’ve a query please do answer. Suppose a student has a good GATE score and he does really good in the MTech course academics in IIT as well..but the problem is he has got less than 60% in 12th board. So during placements at IITs of MTech students…will the companies completely reject him no matter how good he performs..in MTech academics? Please reply

  105. Shravan says:

    Hello, my Gate 2016 rank is 231. Is there any chance of getting a seat in IITM? I am from general category.

  106. lali says:

    I got a call from IIT madras for mtech in ocean engineering. Can u please tell me how should I prepare myself for the suitability test? How is the test going to happen?

  107. lali says:

    I got a call from iitm for suitability test in ocean engineering. Can u let me know how to prepare for this suitability test to be held on 30 april and when after the will they confirm that we got selected or not?

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