Posted: April 23, 2012 in Moral Booster

When we are young usually we relocate for studies and work. As and when we relocate, we face an entirely new world. A new world where everything is different, culture, living style, food, friends and many more things. Understanding these difference and adapting to them is considered as the key to success. There is famous quote “ Be a Roman in Rome“, this is clearly a success mantra in career and business.

I agree with this but with a little modification to the concept of being Roman in Rome. There is a difference between being successful and being happy. What I feel is , both of these element individually do not lead to a great life. If you are happy and not successful, you can not enjoy a proper social status. On the other hand, if you are successful but not happy, you will not find right class of people to enjoy your success. Therefore, a proper amalgamation of both will lead to a great life.

If you are in Rome and very happy to be a Roman then this is an ideal case. But most of us come from different cultural backgrounds and leaving certain things are not possible. Therefore, understanding of difference and optimizing with your religious and cultural difference is an art. People, who master this optimization are most successful and happy. They are successful as they know, how to behave in certain situation and happy because they don’t compromise for certain things which are really important to them.

The faster you learn this, the faster you are going to grow. If you are doing average at job/education and happy you are getting close to a bigger success. The key here is to learn quickly, optimize and adapt. Once you are done with optimization graphs concentrate on work and prove the metal.. Success should be waiting the other side. Here are simple tips to be considered during adapting time.

1. Be patient, don’t be in hurry to make decisions and jump into conclusions. Take examples of different situations. And analyze yourself.
2. Listen to the experienced people. People who faced the same conditions and are successful. Listen to failures too but dont worry about their experiences. Successful people give a better insight.
3. Have a clear understanding of what is your culture and religion is. Till what extent you can compromise. I call them principles.
4. Keep a view on the instances and situation where you can not compromise on your principles. Try to avoid these as much as possible.
5. The most important thing, once you are in a situation of where things clash, convey why you can not follow certain things. Be polite and humble and explain, instead of being adamant and proud with superiority complex.

I think these tips will be helpful for us  when we  move to a new place. Also help us  to lead a fast and successful optimization of  our adaptability.

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