Test and Interviews in Different IITs

Posted: May 7, 2012 in Advice For Gate Preparation


IIT-D  can ask you about your favorite subjects but according to programme your subject should match.

EET@IITD:   Computer Architecture, C Programming .

Asked C programming, Computer architecture, data structure, OS, some quest on mathematics.

JCA@IITD:  data structure and Algo , mathematics (probability)

MCS@IITD: generally dbms is not preferred, DS & Algo is preferred, mathematics / probability is included by default.

Asked at least 3 subjects of choice…

Type of questions: checking the clearness of basic concepts and application of basic concepts in solving problems. they can give problem and can ask approach to give solutions. they can ask last topics on your subjects of interest…for example..

if you say Automata..they can ask Multi tape TM, other versions of TM and how they are equal in power with standard model…

if you say ALGO they can ask NP-Completeness ans NP-Hardness…..some NPC and NP Hard problem and many questions on that…

Moral of story: prepare 3 subjects completely for interview. from start to end in breath and from basic to deep in vertical. mathematics and probability is by default.

Generally Discrete mathematics is asked…..probability , Counting , Solving recurrences, set – relations – functions , graph theory and graph algos….these topics are very important .


written test -interviews

Written test: 50 questions 2.5 hrs

{ Data Structure and Algo, theory of Automata, Operating System }-16 questions
{mathematics , propability , mathematical Aptitude }- 34 questions

Interview: depends on your choice of subjects but  in my opinion you must be comfortable in data Structure and Algo, Probability , mathematics in order to qualify the interview.in 90-95% cases they ask dS & Algo and more importantly mathematics , probability in interview. In IIT-K  we have seen that logical questions based on Coordinate geometry , Pithogorus theorm , theorms based on triangles ( theorems on geometry ) was asked particularly in interviews. One more thing—> prime number concepts and mainly number theory should be clear to you. IIT-K HOD in CSE prof  Manindra Agrawal is master in it.

IIT-B RA -written test interviews:

Written test: 4 sections

1. Computer science { Ds & Algo, OS, DBMS, Network CA} – 10 questions
2. general Aptitude – 2/3 questions
3. Programming – 10 questions
4. mathematics- 2/3 questions

for correct ans: +4 marks
for negative ans: -2 marks

Interviews: depends on your choice of job but linux, dbms, networking,project,j2ee are mostly asked.

IN IITB written test mathematics section there was question based on number theory , congurence modulo and relations.

In IITR written test they also ask some questions on probability , graph theory ,relations and counting.

In Roorkee there is no algorithm courses in M.tech and a friend of mine who is doing M.tech CS in IIT-R told that they are forced to study a lot of electronics subjects there and that they don’t have  good emphasis on maths and programming.

For  SERC IISc  written Test and Interview :

In  case of IISc . There are four branches

1. computer science

2. Internet sciences ( no difference between them as far as i know )

3.  system science and automation


Interview @SERC :

It started with an elimination test which consisted of questions testing mathematical and computer aptitude. It does not require any preparation. If selected, it is followed by an interview in which the interview panel tries to gauge how comfortable you are with programming (any one prog language suffices), and basic concepts of matrix algebra like eigenvalues, eigenvectors, matrix inversion, matrix multiplication. One course from your background is generally asked, say  digital logic. Again, some basic questions on the subject were asked  . An advice: They do not look for correct answers rather, check your approach towards problem solving. So, don’t lose hope, be confident, and, succeed.

Sample Q :

1. What do you understand by eigenvalues and eigenvectors?
2.  Given three matrices A, B, and C with their size specified. You need to calculate A*B*C. How would you go about it? (A*B)*C or A*(B*C)?
3.  How to delete a non Empty Hidden Directory in Unix?

Moral of story:   prepare maths well  , and c , c++  in written test they will ask u objective question related to maths n programming. Prepare integration, differentiation, matrix algebra, numerical methods well.
And revise c, c++ basics they will ask u simple TRICKY ques…..refer gate ques for this topic .

IIT Guwahati :

1. process status

2. normalization


4. on paging

5. single bus architecture

6. Recursion questions from c

7. propositional logic

8. Some networking bandwidth related questions .

Here subjective questions also come and mathematical question of dept subjects. So Networking, OS, DBMS, ALGO and TOC this are more important. No aptitude .

The written test was descriptive with 24 Q:’s and 90 mins.

Sample Questions :
-Q: To prove that (7^n +5)%3=0 using MATH: induction.
-some Q’s on Binary and n-ary trees(mostly generating formulas)..
-Prove that a nfa with n states can be made to an nfa with one state(or something like that )
-find time complexity of T(n)=(n)^.5*T(n^.5)+ n
-Q:’s on writing some SQL Queries..
-A simple Q: on 1-level paging with TLB (to find EMAT)..
-one problem on TCP/IP(i had no idea)
-1 Question with 4 T/F Sub-Q:’s
-Q: to find whether a grammar was ambiguous or not.
-some simple Q:’s from Graph theory
-to formulate the equation for the NO: Of onto functions possible
-one problematic Q: on carry look ahead adder(i had no idea how to do it)
-a Q: on the forest data structure.
-one Q: on routing
-very few theory Q:’s too
-one programing Q: from OOP
-also a single Q: was there with options , it was on union formation using an n-ary tree.

Though the  Questions were of average toughness ; time was less, it being a descriptive paper, were writing  steps  are also important.

IIT G’s main research area is algorithms .

Basically questions vary from paper to paper and hence year to year but IITs (IITK, IITB, IITD) check your mathematical aptitude. so you can not go to these IITs without be sound in discrete mathematics and in touch with intermediate mathematics. if you will go —– particularly in IITK —-fair chances that your name will not on notice board after written test or interview .

Generally what Gate Exam checks is that:

1.How efficiently you  know your  subject ?

2. Can you complete your work within the stipulated time ?

During interviews IITs check:

1. whether you can think on your feet or not  ?
2.  Can you apply your mathematical and CS concepts in any new problem ?
3. can you think a new solution by observing/ analyzing existing solutions ?

Not only knowledge but concepts applicability , innovation in applying concepts to derive new solutions are also considered.

  1. Tobio says:

    Nice information guys, can you include information on DIAT CS written test/interview also?

  2. Bikram says:

    For all kinds of placement papers people can check here


  3. admin says:

    Few useful descriptions about IIT-B RA :

    In case of RA, the interview depends heavily on the topic you have opted for. If u applied for Institute RAship (not any particular project, more vacancies you will get to know about these once you come for test/interview ). The interviewers (had a panel of 6 to 7 profs) can ask u based on ur BE final year project and few obvious questions like “Why MTech?” “Why this RAship?” which you can make out from the presentation itself.
    If you have industry exp and you have opted for a project where you can use your skill, then definitely be prepared for questions related to your work..sometimes it can get solely technical.

    For RA ones you get call everything depends on your test and interview. Though in case of a tally gate score may be given weight-age. I have seen people with 500 rank not being selected, and those with 1400 something rank being selected. There are people in range of 1400 rank who are doing extremely good here, better than some TAs.

    The form for RA and TA is same. You just have to check the box corresponding to TA as well as RA.
    The interviews for RA are in late june.
    IITB does not give MS. It has a RA category for m.tech program. RA is a 3 years program as compared to 2 years for TA. But if you are getting a good branch than it is worth to spend 1 extra year as RA. The course content and number of courses are the same but RAs are supposed to take less courses per semester as they have additional LAB and project work. Also the stipend of RAs is more than the TAs, 9K,10K and 11K in the three consecutive years. RAs are also of two categories, project RA in which you will be selected for a specific project and will not have the choice of selecting ur M.tech project, and insti. RA, in which you will be a lab assistant in some lab, but will be free to select your guide and m.tech project.

    And getting RA is easy than other IIT Mtech

  4. Bikram says:

    IIT- H

    They mentioned certain topics they would be querying on: C++, Linux, OS, DBMS, Networks, DS and Algos.



  5. dip says:

    hello i am a applied electronic and instrumentation engg final year student…can i join mtech in cse branch after giving gate in instrumentation paper…if yes then tell me the name about those iits

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