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In this post i add few Great Blog posts written by previous GATE -TOPPERS , if you follow their suggestions then it is sure you will find your name in Next Year Gate Toppers List :

Blogs written about Gate preparation      and for F A Q about GATE  please Read

  • AIR 19 2014

  • AIR 99 2013

  • AIR 7 2012

  • AIR1 2011

  • AIR1 2010

  • AIR 4 2008

  • AIR 16 2008

  • AIR 98 2008

  • AIR 3  2007

  • AIR 9 2007

Blogs written about IIT-interview process and questions :

Random Notes about IIT interview process


IIT-M 2008 Interview

IIT-M 2012 Interview

IIT-M 2012 Interview


Advice for People considering CSE IIT-B

IISc (SERC & MSc in CSA Interviews )

IISc Experience  (SERC)

IISc 2012 MSc Interview

IISc SERC MSc 2012 Interview


IIT-K 2010 Interview MTech  ( YRL B )

IIT-K 2010 Excellent Interview Experience  (  YRL B )

IIT-K 2011 Interview

IIT-K 2011 Interview

IIT-K 2012 Interview


IIT Guwahati MTech/PhD 2010


IIT-B (RA) 2011 Test and Interview questions


IIT-KGP MS/PhD (2012)

IIT-KGP M.Tech  (2012)


Mtech CS Admissions in IITs General Notes

JCA -IIT-D 2010

JCA Site by IIT-D Students

JCA 2011 

IIT-D 2011 MTech Interview

IIT-D 2012 Interview

  1. Sandy says:

    When solving questions for your preparation only solve OLD GATE PAPERS (20 more years) .

    No need to solve any COACHING INSTITUTE papers as they have lots of mistakes and their solutions also have mistakes due to misconceptions .

    So collect Gate papers from here it has keys also and try to solve your own . It will work . Because substitution of Gate questions is only OLD Gate Papers . Coaching institutes also copy questions from here .

  2. amul says:

    Thanks dude..your collection about gate is awasome …it wil realy help me to write my gate 2015 for cs…thanks once again yr….

  3. […] Toppers’ Blog: […]

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