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A. To prepare for a competitive exam, the first and foremost thing is determination. It is like “If I want to do it, I will do it, No matter how”. An Exam is just like a battle, give your everything to it, but stay calm as well.

B. Fix small targets like I will complete this and this topic in this week. This is the time for concept building. Learn more and more concepts and learn them by heart.

C. You need to plan actually every day according to the level of preparation you have done. You need to look out on every aspect of each subject and have to decide how much time to give to each topic.

D. Every day when you wake up, make a list of topics you will cover by the night. Strive to achieve the target. and if you fail, have a new start next morning. This is all about how much fight you can put.

E. Sleeping is also important. It freshens you up. Sleep of at-least 6 hrs is very vital. Do not sleep too much also as makes you dull and inactive.

F. In the schedule you need to take some short brakes of about 10-15 minutes after every 2-3 hrs of study.

G. Do not get disheartened if you are not able to keep up to your plans, make another plan and keep trying. Keep your spirit high.

H. As far as concentration, you can also try meditating. It helps in relaxing your brain and concentrating.

I. If you take adequate sleep with proper diet and devote the rest of the time in properly planned study with breaks in about every 2-3 hrs of regular study you can surely get through this phase.

 It’s true that this is a crucial time for you and any efforts without proper direction won’t bring about the desired results. What I would suggest you to do is, make a list of all those chapters that you have completed thoroughly and that you are comfortable with. Then identify your weak areas ant try to cover them as soon as possible.

• Once you overcome those areas, this would give you a mental boost and you shall gain momentum and complete rest of the things even faster.
• Try to finish your studies once at least by November end or mid-December. Then start giving test papers.
• Plus start solving GATE Questions of previous years, as they help a lot.
• This is a schedule viewing the long term plans.
As far as daily efforts are concerned, you are yourselves responsible for making a timetable and following it. This is because only you know your daily schedule and the time slots that you can devote for studying. Hence try to optimize those…..Keep your spirits high.

 First of all take the GATE brochure where you will have the syllabus for GATE and read every topic and ask your inside voice that “CAN YOU DO THIS?? DO YOU KNOW THIS??” by the voice comes from inside you can categorize the every subtopic into GOOD , AVERGE & LOW.

• Now prepare your schedule in such way that you will give time to solve problems from topics which are rated as GOOD & AVERAGE and give relatively more time for reading concepts as well as problems of topics which rated as LOW.

• So at that time you write as many model exams as possible and AFTER WRITING THE EXAMS YOU NEED TO ANALYSE THE PAPER. This will helps you a lot to identify where you make the common mistakes. It will be more productive if you concentrate on the topics in which you are good at during this time after model exams.

• you can prepare the schedule yourself in a better way than anyone else because you know your strong and weak points. but you need to prepare your schedule in such a way that where you can become atleast AVERAGE level in the topics PRESENTLY RATED AS LOW.

• And also do the previous year GATE papers. there will be some topics where topics are easy and surely good number questions are expected(like KMap concept in Digital).so don’t leave them. never leave them. you can easily get what the topics are those if you observe the previous year papers. hope this will be useful for you.



Posted: April 23, 2012 in Moral Booster

When we are young usually we relocate for studies and work. As and when we relocate, we face an entirely new world. A new world where everything is different, culture, living style, food, friends and many more things. Understanding these difference and adapting to them is considered as the key to success. There is famous quote “ Be a Roman in Rome“, this is clearly a success mantra in career and business.

I agree with this but with a little modification to the concept of being Roman in Rome. There is a difference between being successful and being happy. What I feel is , both of these element individually do not lead to a great life. If you are happy and not successful, you can not enjoy a proper social status. On the other hand, if you are successful but not happy, you will not find right class of people to enjoy your success. Therefore, a proper amalgamation of both will lead to a great life.

If you are in Rome and very happy to be a Roman then this is an ideal case. But most of us come from different cultural backgrounds and leaving certain things are not possible. Therefore, understanding of difference and optimizing with your religious and cultural difference is an art. People, who master this optimization are most successful and happy. They are successful as they know, how to behave in certain situation and happy because they don’t compromise for certain things which are really important to them.

The faster you learn this, the faster you are going to grow. If you are doing average at job/education and happy you are getting close to a bigger success. The key here is to learn quickly, optimize and adapt. Once you are done with optimization graphs concentrate on work and prove the metal.. Success should be waiting the other side. Here are simple tips to be considered during adapting time.

1. Be patient, don’t be in hurry to make decisions and jump into conclusions. Take examples of different situations. And analyze yourself.
2. Listen to the experienced people. People who faced the same conditions and are successful. Listen to failures too but dont worry about their experiences. Successful people give a better insight.
3. Have a clear understanding of what is your culture and religion is. Till what extent you can compromise. I call them principles.
4. Keep a view on the instances and situation where you can not compromise on your principles. Try to avoid these as much as possible.
5. The most important thing, once you are in a situation of where things clash, convey why you can not follow certain things. Be polite and humble and explain, instead of being adamant and proud with superiority complex.

I think these tips will be helpful for us  when we  move to a new place. Also help us  to lead a fast and successful optimization of  our adaptability.

Time Management

Posted: March 22, 2012 in Moral Booster

In this post i want to discuss how to save our valuable time to do something valuable and meaningful.

Most of us we want to use our time properly and would like to something great which ordinary people can not do in their whole life and can not imagine of doing it either.

Instead of avoiding them completely and ignoring them I came up with the following strategies.


1. If discussion is of your interest, be a participant otherwise just listen and keep silent.

2. Just ignore all the discussions and make a plan for evening or week or month (as a background process).

3. Speak as less as possible. As sometimes it is worse than throwing a stone in cow dung.

4. Just ignore everyone’s talk, as that is neither important nor useful for you.

5. Give an equal response ( you are intelligent enough to understand 🙂 )


  • This is really important to keep the relationship going and using your time too. My logic is know everyone, mean smile at everyone and say hi, but a real friend to few. As a person is know by his friends, choose them carefully and keep them for life.


  • The lesson is to ignore the conversation of people who does not match you interests, caliber and ambitions. Ignore them and save time for some other great activity .



This is  called frequency .