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This run in minds of many  students  who are aspiring for IIT ,what are the different research areas in different IIT ?  To know more about it you actually have to browse through their  sites and have to check their Faculty profiles , their Areas of Interests and students who are working with them in different Research projects   ( both Govt/Private  Sponsored  and  Consultancy ) .

There are  also  Google site   ,  DBLP   and   MicrosoftSearch   to know more about research of different IIT Faculty members and papers they published in different conferences .

First of all you have to know how you get IIT through Gate . The answer  depends on your score  and your Area of  Interest . But mostly it would depend on your score .This is what I feel are the options available to you based on your rank in GATE(applicable for GENERAL category, Computer Science only):  

  1. Rank 1 to 100:  All IIT, chance of IITB mtech CS and IISc ME direct admission.
  2. Rank 100 to 600: within this range you will  get a call from all IIT for written tests/interviews. Your selection will depend on your performance in interviews and tests (30%)  but there is still a lot of weightage on your GATE Score(70%) .

  • Now when you choose different IIT there are few factors that you need to consider while making this decision. The following are the factors, which i think should be taken into consideration:
  • Areas of research in the institute
  • MS vs MTech.  Also look into long term plans like work vs phd.
  • Proximity to your home state.
  • Food and hostel facilities.
  • Peer group.
  • Placements .

Research  Areas 

1.  Indian institute of Technology Bombay

  • Computer networks/Sensor networks
  • Machine Learning/web mining/Data Mining
  • Algorithms and other theoretical aspects of cs
  • Natural language processing/AI
  • cloud computing
  • Embedded systems
  • Compilers
  • Database and Information System

2.  Indian Institute of Technology Madras

  • Computer networks & Distributed computing
  • Computer Architecture/ VLSI
  • Visual perception /Image processing
  • Theoretical Computer Science
  • Programming Language & Compiler
  • Robotics/ Human Computer Interaction
  • computer graphics

3.      Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

  • Computational Complexity Theory
  • Theoretical computer science
  • Graph theory
  • Algorithms and Quantum computing
  • Biometrics and Vision
  • Programming languages, Compilers
  • Cognitive science
  • Application of formal methods to embedded, cyber-physical systems , robotics
  • Deep learning
  • Machine Learning

 4.    Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

  • Algorithms and complexity theory
  • AI and NLP
  • Computer graphics and Vision
  • Semantics and Verification, Programming Languages
  • Embedded system ,EDA, Computer Architecture
  • Computer Networks and wireless system
  • OS Virtualization, Multi-core and Parallel Computation,Cloud Computing

5.    Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • VLSI design , testing  and CAD Tools
  • Computational Algebra/Geometry/Graph theory/Number theory
  • Computer Networks
  • Cryptography
  • Formal Verification
  • Software Engineering
  • Security (Data, information, and network)

6.    Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee

  • Communication Systems & Microprocessor Based Instrumentation
  • Distributed Computing, Performance Evaluation
  • Digital Communication, Cellular Mobile and Satellite Communication
  • Grid Computing  ,Cloud Computing. Mobile Ad-hoc Networks

7.   Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati

  • Machine Learning & Data Mining
  • Distributed Systems
  • Algorithms, Computational Geometry
  • Networking and security

8.    Indian Institute of Science

  • combinatorial geometry, computational geometry
  • Machine learning /AI
  • stochastic control and optimization and stochastic simulation
  • Data Mining
  • Algorithms and Game Theory
  • Programming languages, program analysis, programming tools
  • Compiler design
  • computer architecture 
  • computer networks  etc.

Reference:  Prasanna Karthik V


Gate 2012 Result

Posted: May 15, 2012 in Pinned Post

This is the post for GATE 2012 successful candidates who cleared this test with above cut off marks  . It is the RESULT  of the Test which will appear in the following form :

Gate Roll number – Score – Name

Almost complete database of gate 2012 cs results

Best of Luck .

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